Meadow, meadow, meadow is a triptych by choreographers Elina Pirinen and Maria Saivosalmi, French – Palestinian performance artist Jassem Hindi and Irish theatre artists Ruairí Donovan and Cathy Walsh.

A dance that is an axe for the frozen sea inside us, relentlessly making ritual objects for a tribe that doesn’t exist, a lingering sentence on one horse and seven hearts, a fanfare heralding a renewed ethos of intimacy.

Together with lighting designer Heikki Paasonen, the heralds and a surprise ensemble founded for the triptych create a delicate avalanche of peculiar bodies, voices and landscapes. The weight carried is the perception of all that is essential for the human condition, like a slow storm in the solar plexus.


Choreography, sound design, visual concept Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Jassem Hindi, Ruairí Donovan, Cathy Walsh
Performing Kenneth Bruun Carlson, Ruairí Donovan, Jassem Hindi, Justus Pienmunne (TeaK), Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Aino Voutilainen, Cathy Walsh
Lighting desing Heikki Paasonen
Landscape painter Lotta Esko
Production assistant Alli Mattila
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Elina Pirinen, Maria Saivosalmi, Jassem Hindi
Sponsors R-Collection, Tikkurila
Photos Timo Wright, Jassem Hindi

Post-performance discussion on 18.3.

Duration app. 2 h

Not suitable for children. Flowers will be used in the performance.

Tickets 23/15 €