How to share the earth-shattering power of life? Award-winning dance artist and music maker Elina Pirinen’s long-awaited new symphonic creation Mortal Tropical Dances will fill the large stage of Dance House Helsinki with special dances arising from our inner tropics, wild live music, mesmerising colours and scents.

The sensual core of Mortal Tropical Dances focuses on the ceremonies of hunger for life driving our inner tectonic plates, and their individually changing forms. The production brings the daring and wise heat of the human subconscious to the stage. Mortal Tropical Dances connects intensively with the audience by dancing, playing, singing and praying out energy, sex, hope, madness, deep joy, suffering, humour, imagination, warmth and comfort.

…the bagpipes play and the bambies say:
“follow us to the amber lake
find the gun
lets have fun”

 the hunters’ hour meets the night
the hunters’ hour meets the night
the hunters’ hour meets the night

pick the cloudberry and the wild rosemary
mark your trail with their light…

Ville Kabrell has through-composed the massive layered live music for the production. The performers in the production include an international ensemble of seven dancers, eleven musicians from various genres of music, and a charming surprise performer from the animal world. 

Early music vocal ensemble Lumen Valo will be seen and heard on stage with various doom guitars, carillons and percussion instruments, machines, strings, growls, mantras and prayers written for the production. Ville Kabrell and Lumen Valo will be joined by drummer Tatu Rönkkö and guitarist Pyry Nikkilä.

The dancers performing Mortal Tropical Dances are Karolina Ginman (FI), Una Björg (IS) & Felix Urbina (MX) from Iceland Dance Company, Simone Benini (IT), Adrian Barzak (PL) & Caroline Eckly (FR) from Carte Blanche Norway and Elina Pirinen (FI).

The production’s artistic working group also includes dramaturg Heidi Väätänen, light and stage designer Mikko Hynninen and costume designer Jouko Korkeasaari.

With her productions, Elina Pirinen wants to create counterforces to the world as we know it, long dominated by a fearful and depressing atmosphere. The more alive, broader, wilder and fearless the stage canvas is, the easier it is for us all to reflect our whole lives on it and open new doors to maintain the meaningfulness of life.


Choreographer, poetry: Elina Pirinen
Composer: Ville Kabrell
Choreographer’s assistant: Karolina Ginman

Dancers: Adrian Barzak, Simone Benini, Una Björg, Caroline Eckly, Karolina Ginman, Elina Pirinen, Felix Urbina
Musicians: Lumen Valo vocal ensemble, drummer Tatu Rönkkö, guitarist Pyry Nikkilä, synthesizer Ville Kabrell

Lighting and spatial design: Mikko Hynninen
Dramaturge: Heidi Väätänen
Costume design: Jouko Korkeasaari
Sound engineer: Antti Kainulainen
Producer: Maija Eränen
Administration: Outi Järvinen / Arts Management Helsinki
Co-production: Dance House Helsinki, Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Carte Blanche Norway
In collaboration with: Iceland Dance Company
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Nordic Culture Point, Finnish Cultural Foundation

Photos: Venla Helenius