NOBLE SAVAGE, a new performance by Sonya Lindfors, analyses the processes of otherness by creating a black stage where the ‘other’ is white. 

The term noble savage dates back to the 17th century – yet the dominant media image of blackness as an exotic and fascinating yet also potentially threatening and untamed otherness is still alive and well.

 The dramaturgical frame of the performance is the story of Pocahontas, a young princess who is kidnapped and taken to Europe. A further metalayer is formed by a roleplay of representations. Who is allowed to play whom, and how? Who is allowed to tell another story? Whose perspective is the story told from? 

NOBLE SAVAGE is political because of its themes and the performers, a team of six Afro-Finnish artists consisting of Lindfors herself, actor/rapper Deogracias Masomi, actor Amira Khalifa and dance artists Ima Iduozee, Esete Sutinen and Julian Owusu.

Lindfors is a Helsinki-based choreographer whose aim is to shake existing power structures through her works. NOBLE SAVAGE is an instalment in a series of works focusing on blackness.


Direction and concept Sonya Lindfors
Performers Ima Iduozee, Amira Khalifa, Sonya Lindfors, Deogracias Masomi, Julian Owusu, Esete Sutinen
Lighting design and music Erno Aaltonen
Sound design and music Jussi Matikainen
Set desing Aino Koski
Costume design Sanna Levo
Video design Timo Wright, Laura Jantunen
Dramatugical support Maryan Abdulkarim
Production Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Sonya Lindfors
Residencies Villa Karo (Benin), Koneen Säätiö / Saaren kartanon residenssi

Photo Sanna Käsmä

Duration 1 hrs 40 min

Post-performance discussion on 22.4.

Age recommendation 13+

Tickets 23/15 €