I love watching trees and birds, at least the ones that are in the air. Sometimes I wish I were an animal instead of a human being, but at the same time I'm allergic to pollen, animals, fruits and nuts. What kind of a love-hate relationship is this? What can humans be in the middle ground between nature on one hand and artificiality on the other; between culture, art, entertainment, science, gene manipulation and robotics?”

Mikko Hyvönen makes different versions of his piece Organic synthetic for theatre venues and forests/parks/idle spaces. The nature version of the piece was performed at Forêt de Soignes forest in Brussels in September 2013. The piece's theatre premiere in seen on the Zodiak stage.

Miko Hyvönen graduated from P.A.R.T.S in 2010. He's currently working as a freelance dancer and choreographer both in Finland and in Belgium.



Choreography, performance Mikko Hyvönen
Lighting and spatial design Jani-Matti Salo
Sound design Pauli Riikonen
Costume design Henna-Riikka Taskinen
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Lehtovaara & Companions, Mikko Hyvönen
Photo Timo Wright

The performance has been realized with the support of the DÉPARTS network. DÉPARTS is funded by the European Commission (Culture Programme).

Post-performance discussion 15.4.

Duration of the evening 2 hrs (one intermission)

Tickets 22/14 €


Triple-bill evening with ZOOM by Taneli Törmä and RED by Carl Knif.