Couple dance is a mystery: a shared yet separate experience that flames up in the moment. Individuals previously unknown to each other nod, walk to the dance floor, embrace and find a rhythm. They melt into each other, floating together for a fleeting moment; they share the dance, keep their emotions to themselves – then quietly nod again and separate.

Reetta-Kaisa Iles' choreography Quiet Emotions premiered at the Full Moon Dance Festival in Pyhäjärvi to packed houses. The great dance hall of Pyhäjärvi was filled to capacity when a veteran quartet of contemporary dance, consisting of Marjo Kuusela, Ervi Sirén, Reijo Kela and Alpo Aaltokoski, plunged into the whirlwind of couple dance backed by the charming duo Von & Af formed by Eero Grundström and Taito Hoffrén.

Quiet Emotions takes its charismatic cast of performers to the heart of Finnish couple dance: a communal celebration where loneliness is almost audible and quiet emotions communicate in a soundless language. The performance climaxes in a collective dance with the entire audience.

Guest performance

Choreography Reetta-Kaisa Iles
Dance Marjo Kuusela, Ervi Sirén, Alpo Aaltokoski, Reijo Kela 

Music Eero Grundström & Taito Hoffrén

Costume design Jaana Kurttila

Lighting and set design William Iles

Production Tanssiteatteri Tsuumi, working group

Photo Mari Pääkkönen

Basic tickets 23/15 €
A joined ticket to the performance of Hiljaiset tunteet on 12.2 and the Cruising for Art club 30/20 €

Ticket sales starts on Dec 15.