The group piece GIRLS by Belgian choreographer Ugo Dehaes opens up perspectives to girls’ rolemodels through a fresh, surprisingly direct and traditional realization of contemporary dance performed by eight 10 to 14 year-old girls.

GIRLS is the counterpart to WOMEN [2011] in which eight dancers, aged 34 to 56, negotiated their position and reflected on the question of whether there is an ideal body image for contemporary dancers. In GIRLS, Dehaes has passed on their movements to eight girls who are generally considered too young for this type of choreographed work. However, the dancers reframe the abstract material to match their own perspectives, negotiating friendship and togetherness. In this bright and refreshingly serious work, the audience gets to know eight young, independent personalities, with all their strengths and vulnerabilities.

“Unlike some young professionals, these kids are not caring too much about their own ambitions on the stage. They care about the story they want to tell us. And that story is disarmingly beautiful" - De Standaard, Sarah Van Kersschaever

GIRLS is perfectly suitable also for young audiences.

Ugo Dehaes (b. 1977) is a choreographer and dancer graduated from PARTS as well as the artistic director for Brussels-based group Kwaad bloed. Dehaes has done artistic projects with children and adolescents in addition to collaborating with several different artists and choreographers, including Charlotte Vanden Eynde and Karen Levi. As a dancer he has performed in works by Meg Stuart, Nada Gambieri, Arco Renzi and Heine R. Avdali among others.

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GIRLS (2013)

Choreography Ugo Dehaes
In collaboration with Natascha Pire
Dance Silke Dendooven, Aster Henderieckx, Laetitia Janssens, Olivia Kastoun, Rune Leysen, Ella Nilis, Flo Van Genechten, Anouschka van Keulen
Production assistant Jana Debruyne
Production fABULEUS (Leuven)
Co-production TAKT (Neerpelt), C-Mine (Genk)
Photo Amaury Avermaete

The performance has been realized with the support of the Départs network. Départs is funded by the European Commission (Culture Programme).

50 min.
Post -performance discussion 4.2.

25/15 €