In (Incipient Futures) choreographer Ian Kaler continues his collaboration from the first and second part of his choreographic series o.T. (german acronym for „untitled") with musician and multimedia artist Planningtorock. In o.T.'s third edition Kaler and Planningtorock are joined live on stage by afro-house dancer and fashion-designer Stephane Peeps Moun as well as drummer Joy Leah Joseph.

(Incipient Futures) is an energetic and intimate exploration of how music, dance and movement form, alter and play with (temporal) unions, bonds and alliances, how we're being moved as a community and asks the question where we're heading towards as individuals and together. Set-designer and visual artist Stephanie Rauch designes a close-encounter arena-like set-up for (Incipient Futures).

Ian Kaler studied Transmedia Art in Vienna and completed the Contemporary Art, Context, Choreography pilot course at the Inter-University Dance Centre at the Berlin University of the Arts. Since 2010 Kaler has been developing a physical and creative practice as a choreographic series in exchange with various artists.

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Guest performance

Artistic direction, choreographic framing Ian Kaler
Performance Ian Kaler, Stéphane Peeps Moun
Music, composition & production Planningtorock aka Jam Rostron
Music performed by Planningtorock aka Jam Rostron, Joy Leah Joseph
Lighting design Imogen Heath
Costumes, fashion design Stéphane Peeps Moun - B.B.S.M (Born Brillant Sophisticated Minds)
Set design Stephanie Rauch
Graphic Tommy Everett
Break-Input Bboy Gabriel
Tap-input Stéphane Peeps Moun
Input body-work Bboy Gabriel, Stéphane Peeps Moun
Body-work Patricia Brülhart, Richard Hancock
Outside Eye Chris Standfest
Assistance Lilian Pfeuffer
Project Management Das Schaufenster, David Eckelmann
Technical direction Georg Bugiel

Photo Eva Würdinger

The performance takes place in the frame of the project [DNA] Departures and Arrivals which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.
This event is made possible by INTPA - INTERNATIONAL NET FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE AUSTRIA of Tanzquartier Wien with funds by Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA) and BMEIA.

Duration 60 min

Post-performance discussion on 11.2.

Tickets 25/15 €