Sanna Kekäläinen's work SPEECH & SPECTACLE (SANANVAPAUS & SPEKTAAKKELI) consists of two parts and continues as their anarchic dialogue.

This is a proposal for a representation of gender on stage.

A few concepts, through which I think about representing gender on stage:

The locus: Where does the stage exist? How does the context affect performance and it's reception? Right now the stage is in Finland, in a familiar culture.

The resources: What are the resources for realizing the performance? In what framework does the performance take place? What is its relationship to money and societal power?

Private or common discourse: Meanings are formed and received differently depending on whether the performance on stage is private or spectacular. That is why I divide art into two separate discourses, private and spectacle. The question is: how does the private combine meanings and how does the spectacle combine meanings? My stage is private. 



Script, choreography, text Sanna Kekäläinen
Performance Sanna Kekäläinen, Janne Marja-aho, Panu Varstala
Lighting design Heikki Paasonen
Music Niko Likainen
Production K&C Kekäläinen & Company/Lilja Lehmuskallio, Zodiak – Center for New Dance
Photo Lilja Lehmuskallio

Duration 1 h 45 min
Performance language English

Post-performance discussion 22.5.

Tickets 22/14 €