Heaps of men standing side by side and surrounded by each other. Action, brutality, sensitivity and difference. Straight by choreographer Joona Halonen is an abstract and humorously serious playground in motion of five male dancers.   

The piece is performed by a company of physically strong, skilful and personal men: Arttu Palmio, Dayron Napoles Rubant, Sakari Saikkonen, Guillermo Sarduy and Jukka Tarvainen. The playground is constructed by sound designer Tuuli Kyttälä, light designer Hanna Käyhkö and costume designer, stylist Minttu Vesala.

Premiered on April 10th 2013, Straight became an audience favorite and returns now to Zodiak with four additional performances.

Straight is like a twisted etiquette course about how to function as a man” - Niko Hallikainen, Teatteri&Tanssi-magazine, 4/2013.


Ticket reservations from January 2 onwards from Tiketti, tel 0600-1-1616 (1,78 € / min + lnc), every day 9–21.



Revival premiere

Choreography Joona Halonen
Dance Arttu Palmio, Dayron Napoles Rubant, Sakari Saikkonen, Guillermo Sarduy, Jukka Tarvainen
Sound design Tuuli Kyttälä
Light design Hanna Käyhkö
Costume design Minttu Vesala
Photos Timo Wright
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Joona Halonen

Tickets 22/14 €