The dance piece Suden huuto (Cry of the Wolf) mirrors human behavior through wolves. Do people live near each other in peace and harmony or as a group of lone wolves? How long does a common goal maintain unity in the pack and what happens to it when individual mental or physical boundaries start posing obstacles?

Dancers disguised as wolves bring out the sense and senselessness, as well as the tenderness and fierceness of human nature.

In Suden huuto subject matters slide past one another: the conservation of wolves, the persecution of wolves, people’s relationship to them and human wretchedness. - Kimmo Nevalainen, Karjalainen Nov. 21st 2012.

Routa is an open production company of contemporary dance from Kajaani. The roots of Routa’s activity and pieces are deep in the ground of Kainuu. Suden huuto is Routa’s artistic director Kira Riikonen’s first full-length choreography for the company.

Performances of Suden huuto in Zodiak are part of the event Kainuu in Helsinki 2014. The region of Kainuu, along with its inhabitants and local businesses, takes over Helsinki Senate Square from June 13th to 16th 2014.

Guest performance

Choreography Kira Riikonen
Dance Anna Riski, Mari Kortelainen, Anna Venäläinen, Elina Manninen
Costume design Jaana Kurttila
Set design Jaana Kurttila, työryhmä
Sound and lighting design Hannu Hauta-aho
Music Hannu Hauta-aho
Production Routa, Itäinen tanssin aluekeskus ITAK
Photo Ia Samoil

Duration 45 min

Post-performance discussion 23.2.

Tickets 22/14€