A teenageris a combination of chaos and grace, of injustice and harmony.
They stand somewhere on a really tall mountain, where they can see everything, on the edge of a high shelf, thinking what to do.

The performance gives power outside the generation that usually does most of the speaking in our society. The workgroup is barely of age.
"We want you to cancel all this right now, and then do it better."

The future of the young is the result of decisions made by earlier generations. They have been handed a world full of war and catastrophes to live in.
It looks as if someone blew a massive fart and left, and now I have to live in the stink.

For one year, the workgroup of Teini (Teenager) suggests, adapts, ponders, observes, writes, embodies, dances and builds the performance into a work that will become part of the canon of contemporary dance. They assume the position of the adults – and ask whether it has any meaning.




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Choreography Janina Rajakangas and the working group
Performers Ella Holappa, Mea Holappa, Kaisa Iho, Veera Kauppila, Petteri Rafols, Arina Tsinjonnaja, Roosa Törmä
Sound design Miki Brunou
Lighting design, pr photos Jenni Pystynen
Costume design Kirsi Gum
Producer Ulrika Vilke
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Janina Rajakangas
Photos Sanni Siira

Pre-talk on Dec 9 at 18 15–18:45, Hima & Sali / Cable Factory
Post-performance discussion on Dec 16.

Duration 65 min

Tickets 25/18/15€