The information in the mind is reflected in the body and the body is in connection with the mind. What happens if the connection between the mind, emotions, the body and actions is interrupted? Will the memories within the mind and the body clash? How much does the mind weigh? These are the thoughts behind Joona Halonen’s new group piece Toinen puoliaika (Second half).

The state of mind is __________, it wanders and explains until the breaking point. Schizophrenic, _____, joyful, absent-minded.

Moments, constantly new moments create __________.
A new moment is insecure, void of identity.

My mind pushes __________ to the ground. My mind lifts me up.
Confusion, irrationality, __________. A clear moment, an epiphany.




Choreography Joona Halonen
Performance Joanna Hongisto, Saara Hurme, Pasi Seppä, Jukka Tarvainen, Nina Viitamäki
Sound design Tuuli Kyttälä, Johanna Storm
Lighting design Ainu Palmu
Costume design Heidi Kesti
Spatial design Salla Salin
Photos Marika Turtiainen
Producer Anne Koutonen
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Joona Halonen

Post-performance discussion 12.9.

Tickets 20/12 €