– There is no spectator, they melted away by staring at the fireplace video too close for too long.

Uraanilamppu (Uranium Lamp) is the personal magic lamp of each spectator. It reveals who we are and what we truly want when we no longer want anything. By answering the call of Uraanilamppu, the spectator reaches their inner voice, the secret core of their consciousness.

Uraanilamppu is a visionary performance mixing dance and text. It is based on the beloved and nourishing short stories by the philosopher and therapist Harry Salmenniemi. The performance devised by choreographer, activist and thinker Valtteri Raekallio hands its spectators keys to everyday living, life management and reaching one's goals.

The strong choreography by Valtteri Raekallio and Jarkko Mandelin makes the spectator into an experiencer, and the experiencer into a seer. Uraanilamppu reveals the hidden beauty of an office, a military tent and urban nature. The combination of mystical dancing, text and movement makes Oil Silo 468 ripple with the energy of love from the floor to the ceiling, and gives you the answers to life’s biggest questions.

How to reach the Oil Silo

On public transport buses 88, 88B and 87N from Herttoniemi metro station take you closest to the Kruunuvuorenranta oil silo. The nearest stop is on Koirasaarentie, about 800 m away from the oil silo via Saaristolaivankatu and the shore route.

You can also reach the oil silo by driving to the western end of the current Koirasaarentie and turning left onto Saaristolaivastonkatu. The parking area is on Saaristolaivankatu between Turumankatu and Astridinkatu. A walking route (300 m) near the shoreline leads from the parking area to the silo.

Boat–bus transport

It is possible to arrive to the premiere, and the weekend performances of Uraanilamppu also by boat. The ticket prize also includes a return journey by bus.

The prize for the return ticket is 23,50 € (plus delivery fee). Note! The transportation tickets are only sold in advance in Tiketti. There is a limited number of tickets, in order to fit everyone inside in the boat, if needed. The transportation ticket can be found as an ticket options for the following performance dates:

  • Tue 1.6.
  • Sat 5.6., both performances
  • Sun 6.6., both performances
  • la 19.6., both performances
  • su 20.6., both performances

Please note you have buy the performance ticket separately.

Boat departure times from the Market square

  • Tue 1.6. at 18:20
  • Sat 5.6. at 17:20
  • Sat 5.6. at 19:20
  • Sun 6.6. at 14:20
  • Sun 6.6. at 16:20
  • Sat 19.6. at 17:20
  • Sat 19.6. at 19:20
  • Sun 20.6. at 14:20
  • Sun 20.6. at 16:20

Please arrive 10 minutes before the departure time. The boat is MS/ Merisaukko by Aava Lines. The departure point is on Kolera-allas, next to old market hall, pier 5.

Map showing the location of pier 5


Bus departure times from the Oil Silo

  • Tue 1.6. at 21
  • Sat 5.6. at 20
  • Sat 5.6. at 22
  • Sun 6.6. at 17
  • Sun 6.6. at 19
  • Sat 19.6. at 20
  • Sat 19.6. at 22
  • Sun 20.6. at 17
  • Sun 20.6. at 19

The bus will departure from the parking area at the end of Saaristolaivankatu in Kruunuvuorenranta. The bus route is Herttoniemi – Sörnäinen - Helsinki Railway station.


Working group

Artistic planning and implementation: Valtteri Raekallio
Author: Harry Salmenniemi
Reader: Antti Holma
Dancers: Auri Ahola, Anni Koskinen, Natasha Lommi, Pekka Louhio, Oskari Turpeinen, Eero Vesterinen
Techincal producer: Lauri Lundahl

Set designer: Aino Koski
Lavasterakentajat: Jyri Sucksdorff ja Tuomas Siltala
Assisting set designer: Virpi Nieminen
Lighting designer: Jukka Huitila
Sound desginer: Aki Päivärinne
Costume designer:
Kaisu Hölttä
Assisting chroreographer: Jarkko Mandelin
Direction and script writing of the video projections: Valtteri Raekallio
Filming and editing of the video projections: Thomas Freundlich / Lumikinos Productions Oy
Production assistants: Riikka Lakea, Sofia Suomalainen,
Sanja Kulomaa / Pragma Helsinki
Production assistant, assisting performer: Sofia Ruija
Traineer: Jenni Honkamaa, Julia Mäkelä, Laura Kärkäs, Vilma Mankonen / Riveria, Outokumpu, dance education