Taneli Törmä's solo piece ZOOM endeavors to see things that we forget in the twirls of a busy lifestyle. ZOOM takes a fresh look at life from near and far, and from different perspectives, seeking to stop time.

In this piece a live performance merges with a light installation. ZOOM is based on a solo piece of the same name made by Törmä in 2012. The new version is created in cooperation with light designer Petri Tuhkanen.

Taneli Törmä is based in Odense, Denmark. Trained in the Finnish National Opera Ballet School, Törmä works with versatility on the borderline between contemporary dance and the performing arts.





Concept, performance Taneli Törmä
Lighting design Petri Tuhkanen
Sound design Esa M. Mattila
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Taneli Törmä
Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation
Photos Uupi Tirronen

Post-performance discussion 15.4.

Duration of the evening 2 hrs (one intermission)

Tickets 22/14 €


Triple-bill evening with ORGANIC SYNTHETIC by Mikko Hyvönen and RED by Carl Knif.