NOTE! THE WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED. In this workshop by Georgie Goater and Maikki Palm, you will be guided to warm up the body's inner spaces into warming up the shared space.

This workshop is about tuning in to the shifts in movement and perception that inform your dancing experience. From warming up the inner and outer spaces, we will play with the relations between your own body, each other and your surroundings - naturally emerging and sometimes evoked - through tasks, the imagination and prompts. Georgie and Maikki are interested in the intuitive body, boundaries, and the movement between.

All experience levels are welcome to this workshop. Teaching language is in English with Finnish translation if needed. 

* * *

Georgie Goater is a white, non-disabled dance artist and pedagogue who is active in the field of inclusive dance, and enjoys learning with diverse embodiments and lived experiences. She has had the privilege of gaining visibility in Aotearoa NZ and in Finland through graduating from Unitec (NZ) in 2006, from Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2019, and through working with numerous independent choreographers, artists and dance companies across nearly two decades. In her own work, she is interested in the space between, materiality and collaboration, and has recently been working with exploring place and moving with the camera.

Dance artist Maikki Palm is based in Helsinki. As a choreographer and facilitator, Maikki loves contrasts, dreaminess and sensations of freedom. She graduated from Trinity Laban in 2016 and from Theatre Academy in 2019. 

The latest premiere was co-choreographed Memory Matter (Zodiak & Globe Art Point, 2020) with Gesa Piper and Georgie Goater. During summer 2021, Maikki is working in Kuopio towards the premiere of Visiokartta (ITAK 2021) with the collaborating collective, as well as in Tampere with dance artist Miia Mäkilä towards a new duet performance. 

Maikki has had the privilege of working with Georgie Goater as a facilitator partner since 2017 locally and interculturally.