In what is now an annual summer tradition, the Cable Factory will again host the Repeat-Pause-Edit short film workshop. During the five-day workshop, the participants will make short films in small teams, learning the basics of script-writing, cinematography, editing and editing technologies. The workshop will conclude with an open public screening of all the short films made by the participants, who are welcome to invite along their own fans and supporters.

The films will explore the genres of dance, theatre and parkour. The participants will try out all three disciplines in small groups under the guidance of experienced professionals. No prior experience needed – everyone is encouraged to have a go. Cameras and other equipment will be provided.

The workshop is a joint project between Zodiak, Theatre Museum and the Finnish Museum of Photography

TIME: From Monday to Friday 2.- 6.6. 10.00am-3pm (total 25 hrs)
PLACE: Zodiak Stage /Theate Museum/The Finnish Museum of Photography
FEE: 130€

Enrollment by May 16th.

Last date for enrollments and withdrawals is seven days prior to the beginning. After this date, refunds for withdrawals are only possible in case of illness with doctor’s certificate required. Without a certificate, course fee is due in full amount. For more information, please contact