It is harvest time! How does your body feel and what kinds of feelings are you feeling right now? What kind of memories does the season evoke? How can your body explore and answer these questions through motion? And how does that motion turn into dance?

Course activities consist of working solo, as a duo, as a trio and as part of a larger group. Together, we create a story of the present moment based on the unique power of expression of each participant.

The classes begin with warming up the body and tuning in to some comfortable and safe dance exercises, and proceed to introduction of basic dance techniques and exploration of the endless expressive potential of the human body.

Gabriela Aldana is a dancer and environmental artist born in Chile. Her works often combine nature and the human birth. She has worked as an artist since 1992. In addition to her artistic work, Gabriela Aldana works as a body therapist, yoga instructor, nature meditation instructor and traditional singer.