In the first senior course of the season, Maria Nurmela invites the participants to partake in an adventure through motion templates, qualities, feelings and bodily experiences.


During the course we use improvisation and exploration tasks to find new ways of moving and to allow the personal dance already inside us to come out and expand to unexpected dimensions. In each session, we build a genuine, personal but also shared choreographic fabric. Our starting points are in motion and dance, but we can also turn our journeys into drawings, writings and dialogue.

Maria Nurmela draws inspiration to her practice from her long experience as a dancer and from her own multidisciplinary, multisensory creative processes. Since 2021, she has also studied to become a Feldenkrais practitioner in Instituto Feldenkrais in Lisbon.

* * * * *

There will be two Senior course 1 groups instructed by Maria Nurmela with same course content.