Tuomo Railo's senior course is about moulding the form, bending the body and will, trusting the memory, knowing the rhythm, and opening the sources of joy.



As the pace slowly picks up, you’ll start to sweat. You’ll start to smile even if you’re a bit uncertain about what’s to come, but the class is flying by, and suddenly you find yourself in the midst of a fun but challenging, a rather serious dance. As the course progresses, the dance turns into a small work of art.


Tuomo Railo (1967) is a choreographer based in Espoo and runs the dance company Glims & Gloms together with his partner Simo Heiskanen. Railo graduated from the Finnish National Ballet School in 1987 and has worked as a dancer at the Finnish National Ballet, Helsinki City Theatre and Kenneth Kvarnström & Co. Railo has choreographed for dance theatres and created commissioned works for festivals, television and spoken word theatres in Finland and abroad. His choreographies are characterised by expressive, lively and dance-like dialogue with music. Railo's movement language is very ergonomic – challenging, but possible for all ages.