Zodiak’s senior courses continue twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Monday workshop is an advanced level course for participants with previous experience, whereas Wednesday workshop is open for seniors of all levels. Wednesday workshop is also open to those advanced students who wish to dance twice a week. A new addition is a basic course in Stoa, Itäkeskus.

Basic courses provide an introduction to movement and bodily experiences. Elements of contemporary dance will be explored in a friendly setting. Advanced level courses deepen the knowledge and experience of dance.

Jenni Koistinen’s advanced course I aims to expand the possibilities of movement and the limits of expression. In a group, participants explore various aspects of dance.

INSTRUCTOR: Jenni Koistinen

TIME: Mondays 28.1.–1.4. at 10–11.30, total 10 times

PLACE: Zodiak Studio C4

FEE: 85 €

Additional Information: katja.kirsi@zodiak.fi

Enrolment by 14.1.: