This dance performance that takes place on summer nights in July in urban yet natural surroundings in northeast Helsinki is built through team workshops and independent group work.

The main theme of Spell is the world-constructive effect of all human activity. Every action we take conjures up something new in the world. The body in motion shakes everything around it.

Participating this course requires committing to preparing the performance and an interest in working with the body, as well as dancing in a public space. The course and the performance are part of the Valokeilassa koillinen (Focus on the Northeast) art project, a collaboration of four organisations. The process is facilitated by Zodiak’s project artist Anna Koskela.

Participation does not require previous dance experience.


You can find the enrolment form here (click the link).

Sign up by letting us know what you would like to add into the world. The maximum length of the free-form application letter is 3500 characters / one A4 sheet. Registrations will be processed in the order they are received in.


Workshops and performances take place between 19 March and 18 July 2021. In addition to the meetings, the workshop consists of independent work in small groups.

Rehearsals in Cable Factory / Zodiak studio C4:

  • 19.3.  at 18-21
  • 20.3.  at 11-15
  • 21.3.  at 11-15
  • 17.4.  at 11-15
  • 18.4.  at 11-15
  • 22.5.  at 11-15
  • 23.5.  at 11-15
  • 19.6.  at 11-15
  • 20.6.  at 11-15

Intensive rehearsals during the weeks 26 and 27.

Performances in the week 28.