Trance Dance initiates a personal process that starts at the exact moment in life one happens to be in. Trance Dance helps the body open up, find release and become stronger. Energy starts to flow through it, and courage to express the internal world is created.

In Trance Dance different states of awareness of the body, the mind, the emotions and the space intertwine in timeless existence where the soul has the word and the power to act. Course activities take place outdoors in the nature and indoors in a studio.

Performing trance dance in a group enables us to feel its collective power. The course introduces you to the key principles of doing trance dance safely.

No earlier experience is required. Welcome!

”Dance is something primitive to us, and it is found in our every cell. Everybody knows how to dance, and everybody needs to dance! In the modern world it is more necessary than every to awaken the power of dance – all of us TOGETHER!" (Juurakko)

Saturday-Sunday 9.-10.6. at 12noon - 4pm
Instructor: Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni
Place: Zodiak studio C4
Duration: 8 h
Participation fee: 75 euro
Enrolment by 24.5.
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Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni. Born in Santiago-Chile 1973. Living in Finland since 2000. Through my work as an artist I want to open the possibility of recovering humanness in humanity, to create situations in time and space that allows us to connect with ourselves, connect with our emotions, our memories and get re-connected with own body as nature. Through my works I would like to remind us that we are nature and part of the endless cycle of birthing, growing and dying, the cycle of life, and that we need each others in order to survive as a human species.

I want to recover dance as it was in its origin. Human body is so far from being connected with nature that I believe my work is far away from being an entertaining show to be seeing but more a manifest to be experienced. As an artist I am interest to work with people of different generations, different cultures, professionals and non-professionals. Being an immigrant is other aspect that has nourished and guiding my work towards nature. Finland ́s nature it has being a bridge for inhabiting my own body in a foreign land. I also want to bring my work to different kind of spaces, specially to nature and also to places where there are people that cannot go to see dance by theirselves as, by example, old-age homes.

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