Zodiak’s house choreographer Veli Lehtovaara will share his personal dance practice methods for course participants to adapt and develop. Some exercises are self-invented, but mostly they are a synthesis of various techniques and ways of practice dancer’s professional skills. The method is intuitive yet systematic. It is like gardening, the “garden” being the dancer’s body – forever changing, yet never “finished”. New ideas can always be planted in the hope that some will grow to fruition. Proceeding at a relaxed tempo, the exercises vary in style from formal to informal and back again. This course is a follow-up to the workshop held by Veli Lehtovaara in autumn 2011. The content is designed to suit both previous participants and newcomers.

When: From Monday to Friday 5.-9.3. 9.00am- 11.30am, 10 hours in total
Where: Zodiak Studio C4

Fee: 45 €

Please register by 20.2. katja.kirsi@zodiak.fi