Qigong, which literally means "practice of vital energy" reduces mental stress and tension as well as improves concentration and health. Yoshi Omori's morning sessions follow the Qigong style called ‘silk reeling’ where slow and fast movements alternate with bursts of powerful motion. The exercises work with yin and yang, the full and the empty, the right and the left. Practitioners move towards getting rid of body stiffness, relaxing the muscles and tendons. The spiral movements aim to open up the joints to promote flexibility and reduce physical tension and strain.

Qigong is an excellent aid for concentrating, softening and relaxing the body and allowing your energies to flow freely. The sessions are ideal for everyone. The practice is also a great physical and mental warm-up for dancers, actors and performance artists.

Yoshi has practiced qigong for 15 years. He suffered from back pain for over a decade before finding this practice that eventually healed him.

You can sign up to participate once or twice a week. The course is open for all levels of experience.

Tuesdays and thursdays at 10-11.30, 11 Feb - 29 March
Instructor: Yoshi Omori
Location: Zodiak Studio B2
Duration: 14 sessions (21 hours) or 7 sessions (10,5 hours)
Participation fee: full course 140 € / 7 sessions 90 €
Teaching language: English
THE ENROLMENT PERIOD HAS ENDED BUT THERE ARE STILL PLACES AVAILABLE ON THE COURSE. You can still sign up for the course by sending an email to inari.pesonen@zodiak.fi.

Availability is limited, so sign up in time! Welcome letters and invoices are sent to participants immediately after registration closes. Cancellations must be communicated no later than seven days before the course begins. With the exception of injuries and illnesses certified in writing by a doctor, cancellations made later than seven days before the course or workshop are subject to full course fee.

Please bring a receipt of your course payment to the first meeting of your course. Zodiak's courses and workshops can also be paid using pre-paid Liikuntaseteli and Kulttuuriseteli vouchers (Smartum Oy) as well as Virikeseteli vouchers (Edenred Oy).

For further inquiries, please contact Inari Pesonen at inari.pesonen@zodiak.fi or 050 412 7116 (weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm).