On Wednesday mornings Zodiak hosts a body maintenance morning class with choreographer and yoga teacher Kati Raatikainen and dancer Satu Rekola intended especially for desk workers.

Kati's classes are yoga-based body maintenance sessions while Satu's classes are based on different variations of Pilates movements. The classes are not intended to turn the participants into yoga or Pilates masters but to help them maintain a healthy sense of well-being and full ability to work. No previous experience of yoga or Pilates is required.

A comfortable, flexible outfit is recommended. Exercise mats are available in the studio, but you can also bring your own mat.

Kati Raatikainen works as a dancer, a performing artist and a yoga instructor. She enjoys spending time with different kinds of people, and often includes an ecological angle and attitude in her teaching. She has graduated as a yoga instructor from Studio Manipura (480h) in 2011 and as Seasonal Yin yoga instructor (300h) in 2018. Her yoga classes are based on asanas that balance the challenges and potentials opened by the passing of seasons, and are suitable for everyone.

Satu Rekola has graduated as a Master of Art (Dance) from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2003. Since her graduation, she has worked as a dancer in numerous works by Finnish and international choreographers. In dance art, Rekola is fascinated by how one becomes entwined to the world through the physical body. As a teacher, she emphasises listening to one's own body and its potentials


Anni Rissanen will substitute the first three classes. The classes will be divided as follows:

19.8. Anni, pilates
26.8. Anni
2.9. Anni

9.9. Kati, yoga
16.9. Kati

23.9. Satu, pilates
30.9. Satu

7.10. Kati, yoga
14.10. Kati
21.10. Kati

28.10. Satu, pilates
4.11. Satu
11.11. Satu

18.11. Kati, yoga
25.11. Kati
2.12. Kati

9.12. Satu, pilates
16.12. Satu