Zodiak offers dance and movement workshops for different target groups. The workgroups are tailored for each group. No earlier dance experience is required. As our specialty, workshop programmes are also offered for care homes. All instructors of Zodiak workshops are experienced dance professionals.

Contemporary dance – the do-it-yourself way

Zodiak offers movement-based workshops where the participants experience contemporary dance by trying it themselves. In addition to the dance experience itself, the workshops offer opportunities for breaking traditional or established roles and boundaries, taking risks and developing internal capacities.

Workshops are time spent together in a creative atmosphere and great for building team spirit. No earlier dance experience is required.

We can offer a tailored individual workshop or a series of workshops depending on the needs of the participants. All Zodiak workshop instructors are experienced dance professionals.

Workshop price: starting at 150 €/hour

Movement and touch in everyday care work

The Movement and Touch in Everyday Care Work series of workshops is intended for personnel working in care homes. The workshop proceeds one step at a time from simple movement-based exercises towards the application of movement and touch in the professional context.

The workshops are not based on learning dance steps but on helping care staff to find new communication methods and to provide tools for utilising movement and touch in everyday care work. The workshops also offer hints and inspiration for occupational and personal wellbeing.

The Movement and Touch in Everyday Care Work workshops are intended for social work professionals who work with the elderly and individuals with memory loss diseases, but can also be applied to work with mentally handicapped individuals, individuals with mental disorders and work with children.

In the workshops, Zodiak’s professional and trained dance artists work with the nursing staff, encouraging them to use movement in everyday care work and introducing methods that can be used to support the work. Discussions and sharing of experiences are important parts of the workshop.

Based on feedback received from past workshops participants, the workshops have been successful and encouraging, and have provided inspiration for care work.

Dance date workshops for care home inhabitants

In Dance Dates, dance artists meet care home inhabitants individually or in groups. Dance dates mean dancing, singing and chatting. Each meeting is adapted to the situation. The dance artists present the care home inhabitants with brief moments of art where coming face to face and being present are in focus.

Dance date schedules are planned together with each care home.

Dance date price list:

  • quick dates (1 hour): 100 €
  • a day at the ward: 400 €
Tanssitaiteilija kohtaa hoivakodin asukkaan
Photo: Katja Tähjä