Zodiak’s programme is artistically curated. The work of the curators and the programme selections are primarily based on this open call for applications, but some productions will also emerge through collaboration projects and from other sources.

The applications are reviewed by a workgroup consisting of three members, chaired by Zodiak’s artistic director Jenni-Elina von Bagh. The other members of the workgroup are choreographers and dancers appointed into the workgroup for one year at a time.

The Zodiak Laboratory and Zodiak CoProduction categories are open for all artists at any stage of their professional careers. For Zodiak CoCommission we require that the applicant is based in Finland and that they have made at least three productions in a professional production enviroment. The structure of the production support for the CoProduction category depends on whether you are a working group working permanently in Finland or an international applicant. 

We encourage all applicants to consider which of the three categories would be the optimal environment for your project or concept. Do you have an idea for a performance that you would like to test in the form of a short residence project? Or do you have a relatively clear idea for a performance, workgroup, perhaps even a production model? Or do you have an ambitious vision that needs more work, collaboration partners, funding, a longer development cycle and more development stages to materialise?

A separate application form is available for each category. Applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the application forms in advance. A more detailed description of each production category and links to the application forms are available in the corresponding subpages.

Please only apply for one category with each of your projects. This category should be the primary category you are applying for. If you have more than one idea or project, please submit a separate application for each. The curating team also reserves the right to suggest another production category when the entirety of the season's programme begins to take shape.

We are primarily looking for premieres that are performed either on Zodiak Stage or in Dance House Helsinki. However, you can still also suggest visiting performances and reruns. These applications should be submitted to the Zodiak CoProductions category. Please note that all Zodiak performances have an entry fee, and audience targets are set for each of them. Performances produced with non-professional participants may also be suggested in all three categories.

We are still interested to receive suggestions for workshops, lectures and other events. These suggestions you can send us any time via email. Contact persons: artistic director Jenni-Elina von Bagh and producer Elina Hauta-aho (workhops). (See Contact Info and Staff)

Zodiak's co-production contracts changed in early 2021. Contracts are no longer concluded with private individuals, but Zodiak's contractual partner must be a legally registered entity that can invoice Zodiak for co-production support. In Zodiak Laboratory category, a fee can also be paid to an individual.

At the time of concluding the co-production agreement, the working groups selected for CoProduction productions must have a background association, sole trader, cooperative or limited liability company. Note! You can apply in this call even if you do not have such background community yet. Zodiak supports selected workgroups in finding or creating a background community, if needed.

Details about Zodiak CoProduction

Details about Zodiak Laboratory

Details about Zodiak CoCommission

Attachments and Work Samples

Attachments to applications:

  • Working plan, including description of the workgroup (3 pages maximum)
  • Resumés of workgroup members
  • Cost estimate and financing plan (not required for Zodiak Laboratory applications)

Naming the members of the workgroup in the production plan is recommended. We consider especially the performers an important part of the artistic idea. If you have any major commitments that will affect your production schedule, please state them in your working plan.

Please include your attachments with the production support application form. Acceptable file formats include PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, XLS, XLSX and ZIP files.

Providing samples of earlier work is recommended. Samples should be provided in the form of online video links provided in the application form. Please also include any passwords or other credentials required to access the video.

For more infromation, please contact:

Jenni-Elina von Bagh, Artistic Director, jenni-elina@zodiak.fi
Varpu Nieminen, Producer, varpu.nieminen@zodiak.fi, tel. +358 44 243 3492