The popular Dance as an Experience in Body and Mind workshop provides an opportunity to experience the choreographic processes and working methods of the instructors, choreographers Jenni Koistinen, Sari Palmgren, Virva Talonen and Petri Kekoni. Each choreographer works on the same themes in the workshops as they are working on in their artistic projects.

Beginning level Dance as an Experience in Body and Mind courses consist of movement tasks and simple choreographic assignments. They are suitable for everyone. Advanced level courses are intended for those who have previously participated in the beginners’ courses or have other experience in dance


INSTRUCTOR: Petri Kekoni

Kekonin koukerot (Intricacies a’la Kekoni) is an intensive course for participants with previous experience in dance and willingness for technical challenge. Choreographer Petri Kekoni leads participants into his world of movement and the process of his work Miniatures, which is seen in Zodiak’s season programme. Themes of the work are explored through movement and discussion around such questions as: ”What makes movement meaningful? When is a movement true and when does it communicate clearly?”

Course fee includes admission to Miniatures. Performances 31.1.–3.2.


TIME: Sat 2.2. at 10–16 and Sun 3.2. at 10–14, total 10 hrs.

PLACE: Zodiak Studio C4

FEE: 65 €

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