The workshop is an invitation to dance with the whole self, together.

"The poetical act is a semiotic excess hinting beyond the limit of conventional meaning, and simultaneously it is a revelation of a possible sphere of experience not yet experienced (that is to say, the experienceable). It acts on the limit between the conscious and the unconscious in such a way that this limit is displaced and parts of the unconscious landscape - of what Freud called “the inner foreign country” are illuminated (or distorted) and resignified." (Berardi, 2019, p. 128).

We drop into an intimate, sensual contact with our physical matter and then surrender to an articulated, deeply lived-through stream of corpoconsciousness. We approach free association as a kind of synthesis of corporeal remembering and creativity - and at the same time as an exercise in performance. We invite an undefined array of energies, speeds, slownesses, openings, depths, lightnesses, roughnesses, delicacies, darknesses, stillnesses to rise from the preconscious. As we allow corporeal formulations to ignite and dissolve in an associative stream, we work towards opening into a widening spectrum of psychophysical motion. At the same time, we choreograph ourselves instantly in relation to fluctuating internal and external landscapes, operating on the boarders of or below agency. As we are inevitably in a relation, our solos give rise to mutual dances, duets, trios, etc.

The days begin with a passive sinking into the body, allowing our thoughts to fall deep into the core of our structure. At the end of each day, we create an instantly unfolding choreographic event utilising observations made during the day.

The day includes a lunch break.

The workshop is suitable for performing arts/movement professionals, students and enthusiasts.

Literature: Berardi, F. 2019. Breathing: Chaos and Poetry. Semiotext(e). Kindle Edition.


Karolina Ginman is a Helsinki-based dancer, choreographer and pedagogue, graduated from Laban in London in 2008. She works with material that rises from the preconscious, with sensitivity, strength and precision radiating from within, towards timeless dance. Ginman works as a visiting teacher e.g.  at the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy's programmes of acting in Swedish and of dance. Her approach to teaching is exploratory and thus closely interacts with her work as choreographer and dancer. Psychoanalytic thinking is as an important partner in Ginman’s art. She completed her master’s thesis in psychology in 2019.