The workshop has been cancelled.
What does motion feel like? What is mind/body self-contemplation? How do observations blend in with multisensory physical activity? What do I need right now?

During the course, guided activities help the participants seize the moment and focus on it. They learn to hear and process content suggested by unfinished mind-bodies and to identify states of being born through improvisation in their own actions and those of others.

The Free Association workshop is intended for experienced amateur dancers, dance professionals and dance students. A Free Association course open for everyone will be arranged in March. The content of the course and the workshop are similar.

Joona Halonen has graduated as a Master of Art (Dance) from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2000. After graduation he has worked with choreographers including Deborah Hay, Kirsi Monni, Dario Fo, Kari Heiskanen, Jyrki Karttunen, Liisa Pentti, Alpo Aaltokoski and Eeva Muilu.

As a choreographer, he has worked as a freelancer, in city theatres and in art schools in more than thirty productions. His latest productions include Boy with a Crow (Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, 2020), Momentary Yellow (Zodiak — Centre for New Dance 2019) and Copter (Dance Theatre Minimi, 2019).

Joona Halonen has worked as an instructor in the Theatre Academy, the Open University of the University of Helsinki, Helsinki Summer University, Helsinki prison, the music academies of Turku and Tampere, Riviera Outokumpu and Zodiak.