This course is primarily aimed for HLBTIQ* participants with the intention of providing a safe space for working with individual motion and dance. Principles that guide the work include sensitivity, listening to oneself and others, and respecting everyone’s personal boundaries.

No earlier dance experience is required, but the classes are guaranteed to offer new perspectives to seasoned dancers as well. The principal focus of the classes is on motion- and dance-based improvisation. The methods also include exploration of motion and experiential anatomy, and the sessions also probe the potential of watching and being watched.

The course aims to challenge the binary notions of gender as well as the bodily and the aesthetic norms of traditional dance and sports, and to give everyone an opportunity to express themselves through motion and physicality. Diversions into textual and visual expression may also be used to support and accompany the work on motion. The fundamental aim of the classes is to build awareness of different bodily histories, mental images and emotions connected to the body, and to gently yet inspiringly encourage and guide the participants to the emancipatory, empowering and healing world of dance and motion – which everyone should be entitled to participate in.

This course is an independent sequel to the course organized in fall 2019, and does not require the participation to the previous course.