The full year class was born out of a need to focus on work on a longer term. The intention is to work together for at least one year, until spring 2021.

Palmgren conducts the exercises initially through movement material from her upcoming work Joy Riot, which aims for ecstatic dance through pleasure in the spirit of activism using David Zambrano’s “passing through” group improvisation and spiral stabilisation methods. During the course the participants will do individual, pair and group movement exercises, and the course develops during the year in dialogue with the group and on the needs of the participants.

The course is to stage a demo performance at the end of 2020. The course participants have also a possibilty to take part in Sari Palmgren’s upcoming work in Spring 2021. You can sign in a one season at a time.

The workshop is intended for advanced dancers and professionals. Course languages are Finnish and (if required) English

Sari Palmgren has worked as a choreographer, dancer and dance instructor in Finland and abroad since the beginning of the 2000s. She has collaborated with numerous artists in various dance productions, dance films, theatre, site-specific performances and interactive art projects. Her latest performances have explored the relationship between humanity and nature, the animal side of humanity, mortality and the state of the environment.

Her latest works include Lame Tamer (Routa-ryhmä 2019), The Lapua Opera (Seinäjoki City Theatre 2019), Fenced-Off Dreams (Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Kanneltalo Culture Center and Helsinki Festival 2017—2019) and Licking Things (Zodiak – Center for New Dance 2016).