THE WORKSHOP IS CANCELLED due to corona restrictions. The Indulge the movement course, instructed by Aksinja Lommi focuses on gentle exploration of the body and the mind in a development towards a flowing, dynamic motion. 

The workshop is based on the physical body and a special trust placed in it. We look for different scopes and qualities of motion through physical and spatial exercises and activities, listening to our bodies and waking ourselves up respectfully from winter hibernation into a curious and observant mode of physical existence. Let’s enjoy music and movement and work up a sweat together!

Aksinja Lommi is a Helsinki-based freelance dancer. She graduated as a Master of Arts (Dance) from the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki in 2014, and has since worked as a performer, instructor and choreographer in dance and theatre. Her latest projects include performing in a number of works by the W A U H A U S collective, in Helsinki Dance Company, the Q Theatre, the National Theatre of Finland and as a touring choreographer and performer with pop artist Vesala. She has also worked as an instructor in schools such as the Tamara Rasmussen School of Dance, Helsinki Dance Company and the Ballet School of the National Theatre and Opera of Finland.