Indulge the Movement course by Anni Rissanen explores dance through a variety of themes. The sessions reinforce knowledge of the body and release its motion patterns.

In these sessions dance is born out of internal perception without an aspiration to reach any definite expression of form. Awareness of the present moment is built through a stirring of various senses. Perception of motion, of shifting weight and direction of movement, of dynamics and rhythm, guide the participants into their personal ways of dancing. Developmental motion patterns aid in the exploration of everyone’s personal ways of moving and guide them towards a more natural, less restricted motion. The exercises encourage the participants to find their own physical ways of expression, make the connection to the self stronger, and encourage creativity. The course is an opportunity to share and be seen in an atmosphere of confidentiality. The sessions are suitable for everyone interested in the human body and dance.


Anni Rissanen is a dancer and a choreographer. She has graduated as a dancer from the Theatre Academy in 2008, and has worked as a freelance dancer and performer in numerous collaborations with artists including Maija Mustonen, Kati Raatikainen, Soile Lahdenperä, Julius Elo, Mikko Orpana and Jouni Järvenpää. She is also member of dance performance groups Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes and the Vivarium Collective. In her choreographic work, Anni Rissanen combines dance and visual arts. She is interested in their equal presence in the choreographic process and the shape of the performance. Instead of conventional venues, her works have often been staged in galleries. Her choreographies include Face-to-Face (2018), Turning Point (2016), Landscapes (2014) and Self-Portraits (2012).

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Indulge the Movement - Contemporary Dance for All 2022 course series has been designed based on wishes and feedback by Zodiak's course and workshop participants. Based on the feedback, the length of the course has also been increased to six weeks.