Within these last Wednesday classes of this season you get to know the Dances to a Beat method developed by Kati Korosuo.

Indulge the Movement - Contemporary Dance for All classes are suitable for anyone interested in dance regardless of previous skills or experience. Each period have a different instructor with whom the participants get to know various contemporary dance practices and dance professionals.

Dances to a Beat (DTB) is a method for creating choreographies born in the moment. DTB is both an artistic practice and a dance technique based on improvisation, repetition and rhythm. It challenges the participants to remain in the moment, to refrain from judging themselves and their choices, and to intuitively trust in the embodied knowledge of their physical bodies. DTB trains a number of kinaesthetic skills, including precision motion, articulated musicality, different modes of expression, and creativity. Training using the method helps understand and appreciate the importance of the individual as the part of a whole, while on the other hand highlighting the essence of the whole as the sum of its constituent parts and elements.

DTB’s repetition-based improvisation helps the dancers as well as the spectators to stop and reflect on the motion that has just emerged. The method resembles a magnifying glass that amplifies the essence suggested by each motion. DTB is fascinating to watch and to do as its rhythmic repetition reveals the unique qualities of each motion pattern. By doing this, the method challenges the traditional notion of a hierarchy of motion and opens new questions on what kind of motion is considered good or interesting.


* * *

Kati Korosuo is a Helsinki-based dancer and Master of Arts (Theatre Academy 2011) specialising in dance. She is interested in methods that deconstruct hierarchies as well as the democratisation of dance. She has worked as a dancer and a performer in productions by numerous Finnish and international choreographers.

In addition to her work as a performer, she has developed her own artistic practice, a dance technique called Dances to a Beat (DTB), which she has since 2013 instructed extensively in Finland and abroad. She has also choreographed four works based on the DTB method.

Kati is one of the artistic directors of the Pluckhouse theatre association and also an active member of the Other Spaces live art collective.