The second period will be instructed by Suvi Kemppainen on Wednesday evenings.

Indulge the Movement - Contemporary Dance for All classes are suitable for anyone interested in dance regardless of previous skills or experience. Each period have a different instructor with whom the participants get to know various contemporary dance practices and dance professionals.

This course focuses on the celebration of motion-based experience and everyone’s personal dance dramaturgy. We start by warming up and tuning in through dance-based motion templates that travel through the space, and move towards improvisation exercises. We explore our personal languages of motion using motion-based and anatomical anchors, working in pairs if possible and bearing witness to the work of the other students. Prolonged temporal arcs are used to reflect on the poetry of the skeletal structure, to observe and become immersed in motion through active participation. The course is suitable for dancers of all experience levels.

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suvi kemppainen is a choreographer and a dancer based in helsinki and berlin. them artistic practice anchors on somatic psychodrama, the poetry of the human body and an articulation of the circumstances of artistic work in relation to consent and transparency. she is currently interested in reflecting on the position of the performer in the artistic process and on the structural potentials of collective work.