During this course, instructed by Esete Sutinen the participants can throw themselves into motion invited by music, the gaze, the space and silence.

hrough the gaze, we surrender to exploration of the inner spaces of the body using motion and breathing as our map and compass. We slowly persuade ourselves and the others into the soul-tingling state of power and fragility that comes from being seen. We let go and cut the body loose from control to the beat of our favourite music, focusing on the dialogue between dance, the gaze and space through various motion-based activities solo, together and as a group. 

Esete Sutinen is a Helsinki-based freelance dance artist. She works extensively as a dancer and a performer in numerous combinations of dance, theatre, performance and installation. She has worked in the Finnish dance scene for almost 20 years, engaging in long-term collaboration as a dancer and a performer with choreographers including Sonya Lindfors, Petri Kekoni, Virva Talonen, Alpo Aaltokoski and Ervi Sirén.

Sutinen started her choreographic work in a series of performances called Maps of Fear and Empathy, consisting of performances by five different freelance artists staged at Kajaani Art Museum and Routa Company’s Generator Stage in 2017. In her choreographic work, Sutinen is interested in articulations of embodiment, themes of freedom and the power of play and empathy.