THIS COURSE IS FULL. The course is a joyous exploration of everyone’s own ways of moving to the beat of rhythm music, mostly hip hop and house.

The sessions led by Marika Peura consist of warm-ups that tune the participants to the special perspective of each session, and of searching for one's own motions through motion-based exercises. The themes consist of exploration of isolations and skeletal structures, of different qualities of motion, dynamics, intensities and grooves, and of playing with rhythmic elements. Course activities are performed solo, in pairs and in groups. The course is suitable for dancers of all experience levels.

Marika Peura is a Helsinki-based freelance choreographer, dancer and performer. She works in various roles in the field of contemporary performing arts. Peura graduated as a choreographer from the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki in summer 2020. Her training background is in freestyle hip hop dance. In her artistic work, Peura is interested in exploring the experientiality and intimacy of dance. She currently works as a performer in Maija Hirvanen’s production Mesh, set to premiere at the Side Step Festival in February 2022.

Peura’s latest works as a choreographer include collaborations And Then They Left (2021), Shall We Have a Drink Before I Start to Cry (2020) and Philia (2019), and solo performance Sirkka Rukoilija (2017). She has worked as a dancer in works by Joona Halonen, Petri Kekoni, Janina Rajakangas, Samir Akikan (Algeria/France), Branch Nebula (Australia) and Wang/Ramirez (Germany/France).

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Indulge the Movement - Contemporary Dance for All 2022 course series has been designed based on wishes and feedback by Zodiak's course and workshop participants. Based on the feedback, the length of the course has also been increased to six weeks.