Autumn's last Tuesday classes are used for exploring the relativities of movement, together with Samuli Emery.

Indulge the Movement - Contemporary Dance for All classes are suitable for anyone interested in dance regardless of previous skills or experience. Each period have a different instructor with whom the participants get to know various contemporary dance practices and dance professionals.

Samuli Emery’s course is an exploration of the play of attention, weight, the look and time. Their relativities and limits are probed and experienced through physical images, tasks, framings and closely shaped motion frameworks. The aim is to create new trajectories, rhythmics and potentials to the repertoires of our body-minds in a gentle attempt to extend the limits of our comfort zone to sometimes surprising dimensions. However, what emerges as even more important is to create joy and enjoy being together.

Although Samuli loves drilling into the finest details of motion, he considers sociability the most important aspect of dance lessons and aims to create a mutual, interactive and inspiring space for dancing together for everyone. The course is shaped by the participants, and is therefore suitable for all lovers of dancelike motion.

* * *

Samuli Emery is a 24-year-old Finnish/British queer dance artist, dance instructor and facilitator originally from Jyväskylä, Finland. He graduated into the profession of a dancer from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria majoring in choreography. He has also studied the cultural traditions of motion in different styles of street dance and club dance. As a student, Samuli has had the opportunity to perform in works by numerous famous choreographers and dancers, such as Wim Vandekeybus, Trisha Brown, Julyen Hamilton, Milan Tomašik and Helder Seabra.

For the past seven years, he has worked extensively in Finland and in Europe in the productions of artists such as Meg Stuart, Jerome Bel, Jill Crovisier, Ceren Oran, Hanna Brotherus, Sonya Lindfors and Jaakko Nieminen, and with top Finnish artists including Isac Elliot, Elastinen, Saara Aalto, Apulanta, Jari Sillanpää and Club for Five. He has received numerous awards and stipends for his achievements as a performer and a choreographer in Finland, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Italy. He is currently expanding his artistic output by innovating content for a new Helsinki-based culture space, working on a new podcast series and curating solo performance evenings. He is also a producer of Nordic queer festivals and dreams of a more solidary world created through art.