The second period of autumn 2021, instructed by Sara Gurevitsch, focuses on the polyphonia of the human body, among other things.
Indulge in Movement courses are suitable for all interested in contemporary dance, despite of skill or experience levels. The five-week-periods provide a possibility to acquaint yourself with different movement practises, as well as with contemporary dance professionals.

"In this workshop we explore the effortlessness and ambiguity of motion. The perspectives I offer for our shared motion activities are shaped by my interest in the polyphonia of the human body. We work closely with sound, music and silence. 

The choreographic dimension of my workshop is based on questions such as: how we start the movement, what relationships can we identify, and how does the shared space open through dance."

* * *

Sara Gurevitsch is a Helsinki-based dance artist. She has graduated as a dancer from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen and as a choreographer from the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki. Among her latest works, Massiveness and Still Life continues her meticulous exploration of bodily circumstances and dance. In addition to her own works, Gurevitsch works regularly as a dancer and a workgroup member with other artists and as a member of various collectives. She also works with dance and choreography in many different roles.