How do our senses inform, support, interrupt, confuse and enable the (inter) actions we call dancing? What is in the space between sensing and doing, or is there any space there? Do we have choices about what we perceive or the sensations we have? What makes some things we do 'performances' and others not? And how are all of these things affected when we have to do them at home with only a camera and a screen to connect us to each other?

In this workshop we will work from the most basic building blocks of experience, unpacking sensation, perception, impulse, emotion, thoughts, reflexes, and reactions and ask how we can use them as foundations for our performing choices and skills. Working in the three dimensions of the rooms we are each in, we will use the constraints of our cameras and screens to explore the idea of performance and how being observed by another person affects our experience. Can having less choices free us to look more deeply at our dancing? Working on and off screen, in the group grid and in small breakouts we will try to find access to thoughtful spaces of delicate detail as well as sweaty modes of physical performance where weight, breath, momentum, desire and adrenalin intervene in conceptual structures to create pleasure, satisfaction and a rich range of performing experience.

(NOTE: This class will be an experimental adaptation of material I’ve taught for many years which is new to the online format. Come prepared to be surprised, disappointed and amused. If you have an option to be on Zoom with a device that is mobile like a laptop, iPad or phone, or with more than one of these options that will open some choices for you.)

JESS CURTIS WORKSHOP: SENSING, DANCING, PERFORMING IN ZOOM is a two day inclusive improvisation dance workshop open to all bodies. Previous experience in dance is recommended.