Zodiak’s course activities extend to the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) in a collaboration project arranged with the museum. Pavel Althamer’s exhibition I (am) provides the setting for a four-part series of workshops in the white-walled art space that is part of the exhibition.

The workshops consist of production of motion and observation scripts, experimenting with them, and deconstructing and reconstructing them in a questioning of the possibilities and impossibilities of dancing through and becoming conscious certain moments of now. The instructor of the course is the multi-discipline artist Maija Mustonen, who is trained both as visual artist and dancer.

Maija Mustonen: “We explore the potentials and the meanings of this white-walled art space and artistic situation through surrendering, opposing and criticising it, and through the complexity of being present."

I climb into the room, which is lined with white plastic fibre, wearing white plastic overalls. Other exhibition guests try on different postures, some are chatting. The rustling of the hood of my overalls is intense and very close. I lie down on the floor, and the whites quickly turn into depths of pale yellow. My body passes through the moments in a whirlpool of conflicting sensations and a dense internal comment track in a perfectly sufficient here and now surrendering.

I would like this artistic situation to expose us to some kind of gentleness and permissiveness, to shared or private discoveries which need exactly this experience to be found, remembered or made stronger."

The course is open for everyone. No earlier dance experience is required, but also those who have danced all their lives are welcome. The course takes place during the opening hours of the museum and other visitors of the exhibition are welcome to observe the workshops. Languages used: Finnish and English.

Tuesdays 13.8.-3.9. at 17-18.30
Instructor: Maija Mustonen
Place: Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100 Helsinki
Duration: 4 times / 6h
Participation fee: 55 euro
Note! The enrolment has ended on 31.5. but there are still few places available. Please, contact elina.ruoho-kurola@zodiak.fi

Maija Mustonen is a multi-discipline artist whose art always involves working together and engaging in a dialogue. Depending on the situation, she can be a choreographer, performer, instructor, curator, mentor – or something else. Mustonen has graduated as a Master of Arts in visual arts and as Bachelor of Arts in dance, and she currently lives in Fiskars.


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For further inquiries, please contact Elina Ruoho-Kurola, elina.ruoho-kurola@zodiak.fi, p. 050 587 0470 (weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm).