Unfortunate news from Side Step Festival: both performances of Sorour Darabi's Savusun have been cancelled!

Sorour’s carte de séjour (it means visa to stay in France and travel across Europe especially by plane) was stolen during a homophobic agression in Paris on February 4 and despite all our efforts, it was impossible to get a temporary document in order to let him come to Finland and make the performances happen. We are very sad about the whole situation and hope that Sorour’s projects could meet the Finnish audience later.

If you have purchased a single ticket, you can return your ticket to Tiketti on 14.2.2019 at 16:00 the latest.The easiest way to return your ticket is via email. Send Tiketti your 13 digits long ticket code(s) and your IBAN bank account number to hei@tiketti.fi to get the refund. Please headline the email as the name of the cancelled event and text refund.

It’s also possible to return your ticket to one of Tiketti's vendors. Please note that not all vendors handle cash. If the vendor cannot issue the refund with cash, they will take your contact details and bank account number and the refund will be issued directly to your account. NB! Please note that you cannot return your ticket to R-Kioski.

You can also mail us your ticket together with your contact details and your IBAN bank account number. Address: Tiketti Oy, Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6, 00100 Helsinki.