Creating conceptual landscapes

A workshop in physical dramaturgy by Jeroen Peeters

Dramaturgy’s what and how are to be invented anew with each creative process. How to develop a singular method in which experimentation and exploration, desire and doubt can have a place? How to create a shared ground for collaboration and dialogue? Building a conceptual landscape in which one can take awalk with concepts, ideas and materials is a possible strategy. In there, the production of meaning ties itself to materials and media, bodies and space,constituting a truly physical dramaturgy. Within the creative process, a conceptual landscape stimulates an oral culture that guides conceptual and compositional decisions.

In order to create such a conceptual landscape, dramaturge Jeroen Peeters will share some methods of reading, writing, mapping and drawing that heighten one’s understanding of time, space and perception while unfolding materials. The workshop has a practical focus and is accessible to anyone interested in dramaturgy and artistic research in the field of dance and beyond.

Jeroen Peeters is an essayist, dramaturge and performer based in Brussels. He publishes on dance, performance and art theory in various specialized media, such as corpusDance Theatre Journal and Etcetera. Recent publications include his book in collaboration with Meg Stuart, Are we here yet? (Les Presses du réel, 2010). In 2012, Peeters received the Dutch literary award Pierre Bayle for his body of work in dance criticism. Since 2002, Peeters has been co-directing Sarma, a laboratory for discursive practices and expanded publication ( Aristic collaborations in the field of dance with a.o. Eleanor Bauer, Julien Bruneau, Deufert+Plischke, Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer, Martin Nachbar, Colette Sadler, Meg Stuart and Superamas. Peeters has taught dramaturgy at the SNDO (Amsterdam), the HZ Tanz (Berlin) and the Institute for applied theatre studies (Giessen).

TIME: Saturday and Sunday 20.-21.4. at 10-15, total 10 hrs

PLACE: Zodial studio C4

FEE: 80 €