Angel is the subconscious. Angel is commitment. Angel is sensitivity. Angel is an expression. Angel is spirit. Angel is sensitivity. Angel is protection. Angel is a skeleton. Angel is sensitivity. Angel is situation. Angel is sex. Angel is sensitivity. Angel is politics. Angel is a river. Angel is sensitivity. Angel is a goth. Angel is rest. Angel is sensitivity. Angel is thought. Angel is romance.  Angel is sensitivity. Angel is mouth open. Angel is destiny. Angel is sensitivity.

Angel is dance artist Elina Pirinen's latest work for one dancer, eight voices and light. She is joined on the Pannuhalli stage of the Cable Factory by Lumen Valo ('Glow of Snow'), a vocal ensemble specialising in polyphonic vocal music of the Renaissance. Also lighting designer Heikki Paasonen and dramatist Heidi Väätänen are involved in creating the world of Angel.

Angel is the reality of a human being who fragilely and committedly plays with powerful states of existence, surrounded by a cantata-like soundscape of eight human voices. It articulates a desire to construct the environment and the climate of living on parameters of sensitivity.


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Choreography and dance Elina Pirinen
Lighting design Heikki Paasonen
Dramaturge Heidi Väätänen
Music Lauluyhtye Lumen Valo
Harp Salla Hakkola
Friend of Angel Leena Nordberg / Olli Kontulainen / Aleksi Holkko
Mentor Sonja Jokiniemi
Production Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskus, Elina Pirinen, Lumen Valo

Photo Katri Naukkarinen

The performance takes place in the frame of the project [DNA] Departures and Arrivals which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.

Post-performance discussion on 24.5.

Duration 50 min

Tickets 23/15 €

Ticket sales starts on Dec 15.