BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC (feat. Doctor Dance and Professor Peck) is a talk show, variety show, shit show, parlor show, all or none of the above and also an experiment.

Hosted by dance artist Eleanor Bauer with musician and composer Chris Peck, BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC is a space and time for whatever seems most important now and not later; an occasion to practice the unknown, to share the musings and amusings that decorate life and need a place to go at night so they don't cause insomnia; a container for the things that end with "you heard it here first."

Everybody has a story so let's hear it, and talk is cheap so let's spend it. No talk is also an option for special guests who prefer to sing or dance.

Each performance is uniquely prepared and improvised according to the current time, place, guests, and interests. BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC is a fixed quantity of time aimed at maximum quality time.

In Helsinki the guests are: rehearsal director Solène Weinachter and dancer Joseph Simon from Navy Blue (Wed 8.2.), choreographer, dancer Harald Beharie and choreographer Jenni-Elina von Bagh (Thu 9.2.), and Cullberg's artistic director Kristine Slettevold together with choreographer Silvia Gribaudi (Fri 10.2.)

BAUER HOUR was initiated as an episodic performance running one Tuesday per month at Kaaistudios during Bauer's artists residency at Kaaitheater from 2013 to 2016, and programmed sporadically elsewhere. Now reinstated and refurbished to include new characters such as Doctor Dance and Professor Peck, BAUER HOUR & A PECK SEC is up and running, and on the road again since 2022.

Bio: Eleanor Bauer

Eleanor Bauer is a choreographer and performer working at the intersections of dance, writing, and music. Her work, ranging from solos and talk shows to large ensemble pieces and films, is a synthesis of embodied intelligences, a practice of making sense with the senses.

Musician, composer, programmer and improviser Chris Peck has been a cornerstone in Bauer’s artistic practice since 2004. Together they have collaborated on numerous projects and pieces, developing a rich and long-term anti-disciplinary method of creating performances.

Bauer established the company GoodMove in 2007, through which she produced performances and collaborations until 2020. She was artist in residence at Kaaitheater (Brussels) 2013-2016. Bauer has been commissioned by, among others, Cullberg, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Corpus at the Royal Danish Theater, and the London-based collective Nora. Bauer teaches, writes, lectures, and co-creates contexts for exchange of knowledge in the arts. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Bauer completed her PhD in Performative and Media-Based Practices with a Specialization in Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts (2022).


Created and performed by: Eleanor Bauer and Chris Peck
Wed 8.2. Solène Weinachter, Joseph Simon
Thu 9.2. Harald Beharie, Jenni-Elina von Bagh
Fri 10.2. Kristine Slettevold, Silvia Gribaudi