When speaking about a performance we unavoidably speak about its history. Anna Kupari's and Outi Markkula's Dance Performance at 2 pm is documentation of their collaboration that started in 2015 and its various phases.

In their work, Kupari and Markkula look for answers to the following questions: ‘How, where and under what conditions would we want to work as dance artists, if we had the choice?’ The project has assumed various dialogic and performative forms in schools, retirement homes and art festivals.

Every encounter, each performance and all the work that took place has left a trace in the overall shape of the project: transcribed interviews, video clips, thought-provoking questions, sound recordings, memories, a song, emotions, application forms, a PowerPoint slideshow...

These ingredients come together once again to form a performance – this time on the Zodiak Stage.

Kupari and Markkula are dance artists who have graduated from the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki and who share a fascination with everyday reality and life as it is lived as artistic material. Art is understood as an ongoing and continuous process that is born out of dialogue and influenced by both past experiences and future intentions.

Through their collaboration, Kupari and Markkula develop a practice that enables them to articulate values that are important to them through artistic work.


Concept, performance Anna Kupari, Outi Markkula
Valosuunnittelu Olivia Pohjola
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Anna Kupari, Outi Markkula
Photos Salla Keskinen

Pre-talk Mar 15 at 18 15–18:45
Post-performance discussion on Mar 19.

Performance language Finnish

Tickets 27,50/20,50/16,50 €

Doble-bill with
Kati Raatikainen

Duration of the double-bill 90 min