On Sat, Feb 4, contrary to earlier information, choreographer and artist Choy Ka Fai will meet in dialogue with curator Virve Sutinen.

In the first part of the event, Choy Ka Fai will introduce his work and especially his extensive artistic research which deals with the geographic and historical relations, as well as the present of shamanism, dance and rituals in Asia.

Virve Sutinen has collaborated with Choy Ka Fai over a period of several years in the capacity of a curator.

Choy Ka Fai's stage work  Yishun is Burning at Dance House Helsinki on Sat 4.2. at 20:00

Exhibition The Wanderer: Metal, Water, Earth (2021-2022) at MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre on Fri 3.2. – Sun 12.2.


Choy Ka Fai

Choy Ka Fai is a Berlin-based Singaporean artist. His multidisciplinary art practice situates itself at the intersection of dance, media art and performance. At the heart of his research is a continuous exploration of the metaphysics of the human body. Through research expeditions, pseudo-scientific experiments and documentary performances, Ka Fai appropriates technologies and narratives to imagine new futures of the human body. 

In 2018, Ka Fai started researching on the CosmicWander series which explore shamanic dance culture in Asia. CosmicWander has produce multiple productions of dance, lecture, visual exhibition and virtual reality works.

Photo: Katja Illner