To move on you first have to grow roots. The foot grows its root by repeatedly twining with the ground, each step forming a new knot. There is no better way to be an inhabitant of Earth than walking: the monotony of the soil is overwhelming.

Fenced Dreams is a walking piece by Sari Palmgren that winds its way through the public spaces and beautiful gardens of Kaarela; a magical journey that combines dance, music and nature, guiding the participants to appreciate miracles of everyday reality.

The performance consists of six themed routes: fenced and unfenced spaces, garden stories, and memories and experiences of limits and responsibilities. Where do your own limits and responsibilities start, and where do they end?

The performance that appears and sounds intimate up close is actually a large-scale production. It features almost 80 performers, most of them volunteers.

Fenced Dreams is experienced by walking. Starting near Kanneltalo in Sitratori, it opens a unique perspective to the neighbourhood of Kaarela and, after numerous twists and turns, ends at the Malminkartano apple orchard.

Fenced Dreams is written and directed by Sari Palmgren. An important part of it is a soundscape designed by Tuomas Norvio and Esa Mattila experienced through headphones. It also features music composed by Mikko Perkola and Tuomas Norvio.

The production premiered in August 2017 at Helsinki Festival, and is part of Zodiak's My Name Is collective urban art project. The project was launched in 2012, and it is funded by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office. The 2018 performances are joint productions between Zodiak – Centre of New Dance and Kanneltalo.

Some practical advice...

Please arrive by 18:30 at the latest. The performance starts in small groups between 18:30 and 19:00. It is experienced by walking, sometimes across a demanding terrain. Please dress accordingly, take the weather into account and wear good walking shoes. The duration of the performance is approximately 2.5 hours. In case of rain please leave your umbrella at home and wear a raincoat.

The performance starts in front of Kanneltalo at Sitratori (Klaneettitie 5) and ends at the Malminkartano apple orchard (Kartanonkaari 29). Please note that there is no return transportation arranged from the apple orchard to Sitratori. The fastest way to return to Kannelmäki is the I train. Total travel time is approximately 15 minutes. Spectators arriving by car are advised to park at the Malminkartano train station.

Apple orchard dinner

After a performance, you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian dinner in the August twilight in ambient surroundings of the apple orchard in Malminkartano. Served under a canopy, this communal dinner comprises around five dishes and selected non-alcoholic drinks to accompany them.

The dinner is served by Labby Catering, which had been cooking seasonal and local food for years before it became mainstream. The gardeners-cum-chefs know their ingredients from the seed to serving and make imaginative use of all plant parts. In August, when the harvest season is at its best, there is a wide choice of ingredients to choose from.

The meals served contain no animal-derived ingredients. Please let us know at least two days before dining of any other special dietary requirements at Please note that the dinner requires a pre-reserved ticket.

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FENCED DREAMS (Aidatut unelmat)

Choreography Sari Palmgren
Sound design Tuomas Norvio & Esa Mattila
Music Mikko Perkola, Tuomas Norvio & Esa Mattila
Costume design Riitta Röpelinen
Lighting design Ina Niemelä
Performers Pekka Louhio, Mikko Perkola, Marjukka Savolainen, Pauliina Kyttä & almost 80 volunteers
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Kanneltalo, Sari Palmgren
Premiere 24.8.2017, as a part of the Helsinki Festival
Photos Jouni Ihalainen

Performance langauge Finnish

Pre-talk on 20.8. at 18 00–18:30 in Kanneltalo
Post-performance discussion on 22.8.

Tickets 28,00/19,50/16,50€
Dinner 28 €
Please note! Ticket sales from

Zodiak's season ticket is valid for the performances.
Ticket reservations in advance from Zodiak's own box office on Tue–Fri at 11–16, tel. 044 094 4948.

Please note! The performance is experienced by walking.
The performance starts in front of Kanneltalo at Sitratori (Klaneettitie 5)