In fiction in action choreographer and performer Nada Gambier looks for a physical language in which the abstract form carries a potential for meaning. Together with performer Norberto Llopis Segarra, composer Christophe Albertijn and lighting designer Marc Dewit, Nada constructs an indeterminate fiction out of a relationship between the physical body, concrete space and imaginary places.

The spectator is invited on a journey where potential narratives hover in the air, appearing out of an unstable reality merging with the joy and chaos of two bodies left in a landscape of nothingness. Fiction in action is an attempt to share the pleasure in the ungraspable once we let go of our need to rationally decipher what we perceive and accept the not-knowing.

Nada Gambier is a Finnish-born artist who works in the field of performance, theater, dance and video with presentations both on stage as well as in other locations. She has studied dance at The Place in London and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.

Guest performance

Concept and choreography Nada Gambier
Performance Nada Gambier, Norberto Llopis Segarra
Music Christophe Albertijn
Lighting design Marc Dewit
Artistic advice Etienne Guilloteau and Claire Croizé
Production Action Scénique vzw
Coproduction TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt), workspacebrussels (Brussels), Kunstcampus deSingel (Antwerp) and Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk) with the support of DEPARTS & The Culture Program of the European Commission
In collaboration with Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats (Brussels), wp Zimmer (Antwerp), C-mine (Genk)
Photos Bart Grietens

Duration 55 min

Post-performance discussion on 27.2.

Tickets 23/15 €